Lady Head had a strange beginning, but bear with me.  I was at my local recycling centre when I saw the head of  broken ornament on the floor.  I felt sad that that was her plight, no body and no pretty dress to wear and so I picked her up not knowing what I would do with her.  She sat on my shelf staring down at me for a while until I decided to photograph her and then paint and collage around her.  I was happy with the end result and I am pleased that she lives on as part of this scarf.


Photo credit:  Steve Bond Images

Lady Head

  • The scarves are limited edition pieces of wearable art, created using drawings, paintings, photographs or collage (or a mixture of all four).  I then scan the work and use the PC to play around with the design.  It is then produced by a leading UK textile printing company.  The scarf is finished with a machine pin hem.

    Silcott Light Satin, 45% Silk, 55% Cotton.

    Size is 41cm x 198cm

    Dry clean only.