Alongside the designs I create for scarves I enjoy producing paintings for exhibitions and Funland grew out of a fascination with funfairs, all the brightly coloured lights and old-fashioned handpainted decorations.  I wanted the scarf to have a light-hearted element, with a secret word on it to make the wearer feel joyful, while at same time enjoying the colours and luxurious feel.


Photo credit:  Steve Bond Images


  • The scarves are limited edition pieces of wearable art, created using drawings, paintings, photographs or collage (or a mixture of all four).  I then scan the work and use the PC to play around with the design.  It is then produced by a leading UK textile printing company.  The scarf is finished with a machine pin hem.

    SIlcott Light Satin, 45% Silk, 55% Cotton.

    Size is 41cm x 198cm

    Dry clean only.