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I am an artist based in Leicestershire and I produce drawings, paintings, collage and textiles. 

My artistic career originally began in jewellery design but since the completion of my MA I have focused on 2D work.  I still nurture a desire to create adornment and so I launched a range of scarves.

Alongside the scarves I have also produced 'silly faces' on mini canvases.  This has now developed to include 'daft dogs' and there are now tea towels which feature this work.

My subject matter is diverse.  When I am thinking about scarves it is often about colour, pattern and how marks made of ink and paint will be reflected on a textile surface.  When I am painting it is in a response to how I see the world.  As such the scenes can be dystopian and feature anthropomorphic animals expressing surprise at what they are witnessing.


I use a variety of media (watercolours, inks, acrylics, photography and collage) and one thing that my all my pieces have in common is the use of bright colours.  The subject matter may often be dark but colour helps to bring a sense of hope and optimism.

Photo credit:  Steve Bond Images

HS_theneed toscream top layer.png

Photo credit:  Steve Bond Images

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