The ‘drawn to be worn’ collection developed out of my sketches and a love of wearing scarves. It seemed an obvious step to combine the two. Although my arts career originally took me in the direction of jewellery drawing was always an integral part of my design process. Three years ago I decided to focus on drawing and painting.

I take inspiration from many things around me, from pylons to cranes to fairgrounds and ladders, from strong women to bunnies! Whatever I paint it is always colourful and vibrant and my designs are eye-catching and have a jewel-like quality with an interesting tale behind them.

I worked with watercolours, acrylic inks and paints combined with image processing techniques to produce this range of luxury scarves. The designs are digitally rendered onto silk/silk mix fabrics and pin hemmed. They are printed and finished in England and carry my logo on them. Photo credit: Steve Bond Images